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Practices for Scaling Lean & Agile Development

 Author: Craig Larman  Category: Business Agility, Lean Agile Methods, Organizational Change  Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional  Published: 2010  ISBN: 0321636406  Pages: 598  Amazon

Proven techniques for scaling agile and lean development to the very largest organizations and projects • •Helps companies turn software development into a competitive advantage. •In-depth coverage of requirements, contracts, architecture, design, offshore/multisite development, coordination, planning, and more •Complements the authors’ Scaling Lean and Agile Development. •By software legend Craig Larman, author of Applying UML and Patterns Until recently, large organizations and offshore software entities have for the most part resisted agile and lean development, but their potential for saving money and delivering better software can no longer be ignored. Renowned software engineer Craig Larman has spent years helping large organizations succeed with agile and lean approaches. Last year, he and colleague Bas Vodde brought together much of what they’ve learned in the book Practices for Scaling Lean and Agile Development Now, building on that book’s insights, they follow up with concrete practices and roadmaps for successfully applying agile/lean methodsto distributed and/or offshore/outsourced development initiatives – no matter how large or complex. Practices for Scaling Lean and Agile Development systematically addresses the make or-break issues software organizations face in successfully implementing agile/lean methods, including planning, requirements, contracts, architecture, design, testing, legacy code integration, code inspection, coordination of offshore and multisite projects, and much more. Larman and Vodde offer definitive guidance for transforming large-scale development processes into a powerful competitive advantage – and invaluable assistance for every modern IT executive, manager, and developer.

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