Why Red is Good for Status Reporting

Red Is GoodJoin Agile Uprising hosts, Chris Murman, Jay Hrcsko, and Andy Cleff as they dive into a discussion around Red-Amber-Green (RAG) status reporting and the use of this style of information radiator.  This topic came from Andy’s Coalition post “Why Red is Good.”  The post has quite a few comments – which you are welcomed to join into.

The conversation covers traditional use of the RAG status, modern adaptations like the Spotify Health Check model and how the hosts are currently using RAG status.  Andy Cleff dives into his current usage, starting all projects at Red as there will inevitably be the highest degree of uncertainty at the beginning of a project.  Andy also shares commentary on this article about RAG status reporting in the US Military.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a video of a ferret being introduced to a kindergarten resulting in chaos (sorry Jay), but here is the closest thing we have to satisfy the metaphor introduced towards the end of the show.

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