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 Author: Lois E. Kelly  Category: Mindfulness, Organizational Change  Published: 2015  ISBN: 0996313702  Pages: 168  Amazon

What happens when we have the courage to accept the truth of our lives and lay bare our vulnerabilities and secrets? We become who we really are and allow our lives to be filled with wondrous, fearless, naked-hearted love. In a world where we present our filtered “best selves, ” business maverick Lois Kelly is calling “bullshit.” In her debut collection of personal essays, Lois’ tender, revelatory, and hilarious stories show us how to stop posturing, accept vulnerability and kindly claim our whole, big selves. Lois removes the filters and recounts not having enough milk money in elementary school, shamefully shoplifting with her grandmother, being tempted by an emotional affair, struggling to accept her husband’s Parkinson’s Disease, and finding the soul of work. These tales are illuminating and heartbreaking, funny and wise. Lois writes about life with the honesty of Brene Brown, the soul searching of Elizabeth Gilbert, and the wit of Nora Ephron. Her chronicles invite us to wonder and revisit our own stories, claiming our naked-hearted real selves.

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