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How Come Every Time I Get Stabbed in the Back My Fingerprints Are on the Knife

 Author: Jerry B. Harvey  Category: Humor, Leadership Agility, Mindfulness  Publisher: Jossey-Bass  Published: 1999  ISBN: 0787947873  Pages: 288  Amazon

The role we each play in our own downfalls create the profound–and profoundly entertaining–basis for this series of linked “meditations” as the author of The Abilene Paradox takes another irreverent look at the nature of life on the job. In this work, Harvey explores the ethical, moral, and spiritual dilemmas we all face in the modern world of work. But he does it in a most unconventional way. His is an approach that mixes equal parts humor, philosophy, and insight to make us laugh, think, and examine organizational behavior in a brand new light. The twelve essays themselves carry such spirited titles as “What If I Really Believe this Stuff,” “On Tooting Your Own Horn,” and “Ode to Waco.” Altogether, it’s an enthralling collection of wise and witty parables that illustrate the redemptive value of the truth in a voice that is ultimately understanding of human shortcomings.

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