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Agile Uprising
Agile Uprising is a purpose-built network that focuses on the advancement of the agile mindset and global professional networking between...
Agile Uprising
Agile for Humans
Agile for Humans™ is a podcast dedicated to the individuals and interactions that make agile work. Their goal is to...
Ryan Ripley
Essential Scrum Essential Scrum
Kenneth S. Rubin provides a comprehensive guide to Scrum for all (team members, managers, and executives). If you want to use...
Kenneth S. Rubin
Scrum Scrum
The definitive account of the Scrum methodology from its co-creator and the CEO of Scrum, Inc., Jeff Sutherland. Scrum is...
Jeff Sutherland
Fixing Your Scrum Fixing Your Scrum
A Scrum Master's work is never done. The Development team needs your support, the Product Owner is often lost in...
Ryan Ripley
Sprint Sprint
Entrepreneurs and leaders face big questions every day: What's the most important place to focus your effort, and how do...
Jake Knapp
User Stories Applied User Stories Applied
Offers a requirements process that saves time, eliminates rework, and leads directly to better software. A great way to build...
Mike Cohn
The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of...
Reveals W. Edwards Deming's insights on management and quality control issues, looking at how poor management can ruin an entire...
W. Edwards Deming
The Scrum Fieldbook The Scrum Fieldbook
Based on years of work in the field with scores of companies including Bosch, 3M, Schlumberger, and Saab, The Scrum...
J. J. Sutherland
Agile Retrospectives Agile Retrospectives
The tools and recipes in this book will help readers uncover and solve hidden and not-so-hidden problems with their technology...
Esther Derby
Making Work Visible
Information Technology time management expert Dominica DeGrandis, the reveals the real crime of the century--time theft, one of the most...
Dominica DeGrandis
How to Lead Self-Managing Teams? How to Lead Self-Managing Teams?
More and more organizations introduce self-managing teams. Managers need to initiate and guide that transformation, although it's often unclear what...
Rini Van Solingen


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