Unapologetic Accountability: Effective Teamwork and Collaboration

I don’t recall exactly where I read this: Teamwork is a worthy goal. And there is no disputing that it is uniquely powerful – enabling groups of people to achieve more collectively than they could have ever imagined doing apart. However, the demands of real teamwork cannot be underestimated. On high performance …

Trust, Ownership, and Vision: Necessary Conditions for Great Team Performance

Three rivers – Trust, Ownership, and Vision – flow and converge into a confluence that helps create the necessary conditions for high performance, self-managing teams. Teams that adapt quickly to what their customers want. Teams that deliver great business value at a sustainable pace. Teams that are filled with happy people. …

Agile Team Health & Morale Checks

A refresh to one of my more popular posts…

Now more than ever companies are exploring ways of measuring and visualizing how their teams are doing (KPI’s; ROV’s, NPS, etc.,)

The general idea being ya can’t improve what ya don’t measure. And without some sort of systemic approach with clear visualization – things would very much be a guessing game.

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