1,095 Days

This week I’m celebrating my 3-year anniversary at Agile Velocity And enjoying a special care package my teammates sent to my door. They know me well. Coffee and dark chocolate!

As I reflect on the 1,095+ day journey so far, it feels like I’ve been part of three different companies, so much has happened.


From “day 1” in late 2019 through early 2020, I largely lived the onsite coach’s life: fly in on Monday AM, pack up and go home on Thursday PM. The full, rich, 3D range of interactions that goes with being in the same room with other human beings. Table groups. Stickies. Whiteboards. Scented Markers. Sharpies. Legos.

Sh*t Hits the Fan

Then came March 2020. The world came to a full stop. Over the next couple of months, we reinvented ourselves at Agile Velocity, flattening our organizational structure, and reworking our service offerings. We went to 100% remote delivery – digital stickies, virtual ballpoint games, green screens, and Zoom virtual backgrounds galore. Isolated, but not alone. As a team, we made it through the chaos that covid kept putting in our path.

The Dust Settles

Throughout 2021 and 2022 we’ve adapted to the “new normal,” which IMO is anything but normal. Has the dust really settled? Dunno. Feels like it has, at least up to the day I’m writing this post. I get to do a nice balance of onsite and remote work. Finding joy in both 3D and 2D interactions as we help the organizations we serve.

Looking Ahead

At AV we have figured out how to not just survive “2020 the trilogy,” but to actually thrive, growing stronger and more resilient – individually and collectively each and every day.

Next week, I’ll have the chance to hang out – in person – with (a subset of) my teammates at Keep Austin Agile 2022. A chance to (re)connect, (re)energize, and (re)engage, along with sharing a meal, an adult beverage, oh, and seeing what Cover 3 is all about!

If the past is prologue, I’m looking forward to my next 1,095 days… filled with openness, transparency, ownership, continuous improvement, collaboration, and fun!

I’m part of something really unique. Something really exceptional.

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