2020 WTF?! – Let’s Laugh, Learn & Connect

WTF rendered in comic styleThis is an open invitation to participate in an Agile Uprising (soon to be established) tradition of closing out each year with a series.

In 2017 we released the 12 Days of Agile – a dozen podcasts, each chatting about one of the Agile Manifesto Principles (clever, ay?)

Then we ignored the budding tradition for three years, focusing instead on our regular weekly episodes.

We want to try something for 2020: a series of virtual Pecha Kucha – visual storytelling videos that celebrate (what’s left of) humanity. That’s where you come in…. *

The format is deceptively simple:

  • 20 slides. 20 seconds of commentary per slide. That’s it. Any topic you like.

To participate:

  • Pre-record a 400-second video (6 minutes and 40 seconds – yes, we can math) – Your choice if you want to add more constraints, e.g., a  single take, then ship it…
  • Send us your video file by the end of November (along with 2-4 sentences that describe your PK with enough detail that anyone who sees the description will understand what’s being presented)

We’ll handle the rest – scheduling releases, social outreach, facilitating ongoing discussions via the Agile Uprising Discord Server, etc.

Let’s laugh, learn, and connect by closing out 2020 with a collective “WTF!!!!”

* If you don’t have the bandwidth we get it; perhaps you know of someone in our community whose voice ought to be heard… please help us connect with them.


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