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Joy, Inc.

 Author: Richard Sheridan  Category: Business Agility, Culture Shaping, High Performing Teams, Innovation, Leadership Agility, Organizational Change  Publisher: Penguin  Published: 2015  ISBN: 1591847125  Pages: 288  Amazon

“A guidebook for how leaders can motivate, engage, and recognize their people all the while growing the business profitably.” — Every year, thousands of visitors come from around the world to visit Menlo Innovations, a small software company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They make the trek not to learn about technology but to witness a radically different approach to company culture. CEO Richard Sheridan removed the fear and ambiguity that typically make a workplace miserable. With joy as the explicit goal, he and his team changed everything about how the company was run. The results blew away all expectations. Menlo has won numerous growth awards and was named an Inc. magazine “audacious small company.” Joy, Inc. offers an inside look at how Menlo created its culture, and shows how any organization can follow their methods for a more passionate team and sustainable, profitable results.

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