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Conversations of Change

 Author: Jen Frahm  Category: Business Agility, Culture Shaping, Organizational Change  Published: 2017  ISBN: 0648087921  Amazon

Jen Frahm provides a practical guide to implementing workplace change. Managing change in a workplace can be a difficult process. Your focus should be on the opportunity it presents, not the problem that’s been created. Conversations of Change is a practical guide that navigates experienced and inexperienced managers alike through the process of identifying, creating and measuring real and effective change. The book covers how to make sense of organizational change, how to set up your change initiative for success and what you need to know implement change well. Structured in three easy to read parts. Part 1: Shaping up – the decisions you need to make -Clarity on 4 universal points of confusion in change -Who’s who in the zoo! Easy to understand explanations of 10 necessary roles in change -Change success – a three legged stool, pull one element away and it falls over -6 most commonly used change models explained Part 2 Moving forward – the 5 pillars of change success -6 elements of change capable organisation -Change readiness and how to assess if you are ready for change -Dealing with change resistance – three key considerations -From the trenches – 5 pitfalls of change communication to avoid -12 truisms of change leadership Part 3 Check the peripherals – things that you should be aware of -5 Future of Work practices and how they can be used in your change efforts -6 myths of change management that can get in the way -The ultimate information on how to develop your knowledge in change management – including associations, formal knowledge, communities of practice, self study with 11 change experts to follow on twitter and 17 change management blogs to bookmark Bonus chapter! A full summary of all four adventures

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