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I hope you’ll find inspiration and learning regardless of where you are on the path: beginner, practitioner, guide, or catalyst.

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The Back of the Napkin The Back of the Napkin
An expanded guide to enhancing analytical skills by building up one's intrinsic abilities is a primer for business leaders on...
Dan Roam
The Retrospective Handbook
Are you running retrospectives regularly? Perhaps you run retrospectives once a week, or fortnightly. Do you feel like you could...
Patrick Kua
The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures
The Field Guide for Including, Engaging, and Unleashing Everyone describes how to use each of the 33 Liberating Structures with...
Henri Lipmanowicz
The Surprising Science of Meetings The Surprising Science of Meetings
Preface -- Setting the meeting stage -- So many meetings and so much frustration -- Get rid of meetings? no,...
Steven G. Rogelberg
The Ten-Minute Trainer The Ten-Minute Trainer
Discover more than one hundred of Sharon Bowman's training-room-proven exercises and activities -- many derived from the high-impact strategies of...
Sharon L. Bowman
Training From the Back of the Room! Training From the Back of the Room!
From Sharon L. Bowman, the author of the best-selling Ten-Minute Trainer, comes the dynamic new book, Training from the BACK...
Sharon L. Bowman
Visual Meetings Visual Meetings
Use eye-popping visual tools to energize your people! Just as social networking has reclaimed the Internet for human interactivity and...
David Sibbet
In modern organizations, people are expected to be servant leaders and systems thinkers , but nobody explains exactly how to...
Jurgen Appelo


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