Trust, Ownership, and Vision: Necessary Conditions for Great Team Performance

🌊 Explore the vital confluence of Trust, Ownership, and Vision in creating high-performing teams. Navigate the waters of leadership without falling into the twin sirens of command and control. πŸš€βš“ #LeadershipJourney #HighPerformanceTeams

The SPEED of Trust

Stephen R. Covey explains how trust is a key catalyst for personal and organizational success in the twenty-first century, in a guide for businesspeople that demonstrates how to inspire trust while overcoming bureaucratic obstacles.

Dreading the Corporate Personal Development Plan (PDP)?

In the β€œVent” channel of a Discord community I’m part of, a friend, Jay, recently posted their dismay at having to write and submit a Personal Development plan.

About as much fun as the companion ritual of the Individual Annual Performance Review?!

So leveraging for a bit of fun, I created some PDP options for Jay

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