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Browse this listing of some of the best books and resources for your agile leadership and coaching journey.

I hope you’ll find inspiration and learning regardless of where you are on the path: beginner, practitioner, guide, or catalyst.

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No Image Available The Little Guide to Empathetic Technical Leadership
Supporting your team's technical decision-making process, mentoring new teammates, encouraging a learning culture. For some folks, it seems to come...
Alex Harms
No Image Available The No Asshole Rule
The No Asshole Rule is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Business Week bestseller. Robert I....
Robert I. Sutton
No Image Available The Retrospective Handbook
Are you running retrospectives regularly? Perhaps you run retrospectives once a week, or fortnightly. Do you feel like you could...
Patrick Kua
No Image Available The Science of Successful Organizational Change
Every leader understands the burning need for change and every leader knows how risky it is, and how often it...
Paul Gibbons
No Image Available The Secret Life of the Mind
Mariano Sigman, a leading neuroscientist draws on physics, linguistics, psychology, education, and other disciplines to explain the inner workings of...
Mariano Sigman
No Image Available The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility
A guide that provides the bridge for traditional project managers to cross into agile project management.
Michele Sliger
No Image Available The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures
The Field Guide for Including, Engaging, and Unleashing Everyone describes how to use each of the 33 Liberating Structures with...
Henri Lipmanowicz
No Image Available The Tao of Coaching
The essence and success of The Tao of Coaching has always been its focus on the practical tips and techniques...
Max Landsberg
No Image Available The Ten-Minute Trainer
Discover more than one hundred of Sharon Bowman's training-room-proven exercises and activities -- many derived from the high-impact strategies of...
Sharon L. Bowman
No Image Available Time to Think
Over the past 15 years Nancy Kline has identified 10 behaviors that form a system called a Thinking Environment, a...
Nancy Kline
No Image Available Training From the Back of the Room!
From Sharon L. Bowman, the author of the best-selling Ten-Minute Trainer, comes the dynamic new book, Training from the BACK...
Sharon L. Bowman
No Image Available Unlocking Agility
Practical Guidance and Inspiration for Launching, Sustaining, or Improving Any Agile Enterprise Transformation Initiative As long-time competitive advantages disappear, astute...
Jorgen Hesselberg


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