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I hope you’ll find inspiration and learning regardless of where you are on the path: beginner, practitioner, guide, or catalyst.

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Humble Inquiry Humble Inquiry
"We live, says Ed Schein, in a culture of Tell. Rather than trying to genuinely relate to other people we...
Edgar H. Schein
Igniting the Invisible Tribe Designing an Organization That Doesn’t Suck Igniting the Invisible Tribe Designing an Organization That Doesn’t...
Why is it that so many of us toil away in jobs we hate, being treated like machines, doing things...
Josh Allan Dykstra
Influencing Virtual Teams Influencing Virtual Teams
Learn the psychological secrets of persuasion that influence your remote employees to do what you need them to do. Stop...
Hassan Osman
Inviting Leadership Inviting Leadership
The pace of societal and business change continues to accelerate daily. In the new world of work, adaptive self-management, at...
Daniel Mezick
Joy, Inc. Joy, Inc.
“A guidebook for how leaders can motivate, engage, and recognize their people all the while growing the business profitably.” —Forbes.com...
Richard Sheridan
Leaders Eat Last Leaders Eat Last
Finally in paperback: the New York Times bestseller by the acclaimed, bestselling author of Start With Why and Together is...
Simon Sinek
Leadership and Self-deception Leadership and Self-deception
"Since its original publication in 2000, Leadership and Self-Deception by Arbinger Institute has become a word-of-mouth phenomenon. Its sales continue...
Arbinger Institute
Leadership from the Mission Control Room to the Boardroom Leadership from the Mission Control Room to the Boardroom
Failure is always an option, and so is choosing to lead your team into an environment that helps them avoid...
Paul Sean Hill
Lean Change Management Lean Change Management
Change resistance is a natural reaction, when you don’t involve the people affected by the change in the design of...
Jason Little
Liminal Thinking Liminal Thinking
Why do some people succeed at change while others fail? It's the way they think Dave Gray's liminal thinking is...
Dave Gray
Management 3.0 Management 3.0
Introduces a realistic approach to leading, managing, and growing your Agile team or organization. Written for current managers and developers...
Jurgen Appelo


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