Is Your Organization a Machine to Be Optimized?


Graphics of gear - metaphor for organization as a machine***Dec 7: LinkedIn Livestream***

Far too many Agile Assessments just tell you where you are. And if they dare to give you guidance on where to go next, they do so using outdated “Organization as Machine” approaches.

While that may be ok if you’ve got manufacturing assembly lines, for the rest of us: the context is unpredictable and uncontrollable, and strategic agility is the preferred model.

Join me and my Agile Velocity colleague, Seth Ely, for a 30-minute LinkedIn Livestream and Q&A on Wednesday, December 7th, at 11:00 AM CT

We’ll discuss

  • How to avoid “feel good” assessments that lead to few or no tangible business outcomes
  • How to leverage information on where you are, combined with where you want to go, so you can continuously navigate through the change curves
  • How to become an adaptive organization, able to sense and respond to market needs innovatively, and obtain long-lasting strategic agility

Hope to see you for the Livestream: Why You Need More Than An Agile Assessment
Why you need more than an agile assessment banner image with Andy Cleff and Seth Ely

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