A Working List of Resources for Product Owners


There are so many great resources related to being a great Product Owner. Below are but a few of my favorites.

If you only have 10 minutes and want to understand what it means to be a great product owner…

Watch Henrik Kniberg’s 15-minute video at 1.25x speed!

Then spend the rest of your career absorbing from below…

Here’s a nice “nutshell” on Agile Product Ownership from Dandy People:

Front Row Agile / Mt. Goat Product Owner

BDD (Behavior Driven Development)

Uncle Bob’s Videos

HDD (Hypothesis Driven Design)

Scrum Alliance on being an effective Product Owner

Roman Pichler – Product Ownership

Stefan Wolpers

More Resources for Product Owners



Amplitude’s List of Best Product Manager Podcasts for 2019: Design, Marketing, Analytics and More.

Keep the List Going…

I’ve missed more than a few.. add your suggestions via comments…

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