Has Your Daily Scrum Become Stale?

Has the team’s daily stand-up lost a bit of freshness? How might you know? See if you can detect any of the following indicators:

No one seems to be listening to anyone else
Someone is giving waaaaaay too much detail
People are just reporting status: “I’ve been doing my job”
Lack of peer accountability
General dearth of energy

Shu Ha Ri and Agile Development

A Virtuous Agile Circle While the values and principles of Agile are minimalistic (See: Agile – What it means…) “rules” do abound – particularly in Scrum (“Generally Accepted Scrum Practices”). How we learn, follow, break, and eventually create new rules is a process much like the development of a martial artist. …

Pomodoro – Get in the Zone

tl;dr: The pomodoro technique breaks down periods of work into short (typically 25-minute) intervals called “pomodori” (from the Italian word pomodoro for “tomato” – the shape of the kitchen timer creator Francesco Cirillo originally used), separated by brief breaks. The method is based on the idea that: Multitasking, context switching, distractions …